Five worst moments of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

LOS ANGELES, CA – Though MTV Movie Awards event at Nokia Theater is past now but the event leaves behind a lot to discuss such as worst moments of 2014 MTV Movie Awards Show.

From embarrassing sound issues to Conan O’Brien made a lame bid at going viral, there were lot to avoid to manage and yes, of course, to considered as per the standards or demand of the event.

Here are five worst moments from the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, collected by the PT ( entertainment desk:

Highly anticipated flicks

“X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “The Fault In Our Stars” all got a bunch of fanfare for their exclusive first looks, but none of them amounted to much more than a few seconds of footage that told us virtually nothing. Also, since when do we get excited about what is essentially a commercial?

Best Kiss winners
It’s pretty much sacrilegious to win the MTV Movie Award for best kiss and not re-enact it live. Will Poulter, Emma Roberts and Jennifer Aniston took home the golden popcorn for their work in “Meet the Millers,” but the ladies couldn’t be bothered to show up.

Will Poulter accepts the award for Best Kiss sans his co-stars | PakistanTribe

Rihanna and Eminem performed live for the first time
It wasn’t a bad performance or anything, but why was there not an enormous crowd of back-up dancers in assorted monster costumes? Serious oversight.

Eminem-and-Rihanna at MTV Movie Award 2014 | PakistanTribe

Embarrassing sound issues
When Chris Pratt came out on stage to remind viewers to vote for the final award, someone had to run on stage to bring him a mic. But that didn’t compare to the humiliating start of the pre-show, which featured Josh Horowitz and Zendaya introducing the whole shindig — with no sound from their mics at all.

Chris Pratt at 2014 MTV Movie Awards | PakistanTribe

Conan O’Brien made a lame bid at going viral
The show opened with host O’Brien declaring to a table of old dudes that he wanted to break the record for most cameos in an MTV Movie Awards opening montage (so meta). He then proceeded to interact quickly with 50 celebrities, from walking in on Adam Sandler using the toilet to sitting down for manis with Taylor Swift. The problem with the drive-by? They forgot to leave room for actual jokes.


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