You Don’t Have To Be A Developer For Downloading Windows Phone 8.1



After eighteen months of getting its first major OS update from Microsoft,Windows Phone 8.0 has had three minor updates between late 2012 and 2013, it is Windows Phone 8.1 with new features and improvements to users.

For the most part, Windows Phone 8.1 keeps the core of Microsoft’s design intact as it contain amazing features like,

  • It contain ‘CORTANA’
    A new personal intelligent assistance and knowledge navigator.
  • It contain a new notification and action center.
    it brings with it a highly anticipated feature for managing all the alerts from different apps
  • It greatly improved the YouTube experience.
  • An upgraded browser, Internet Explorer 11, which has a significant amount of enhanced video playback.

Now windows Phone 8.1 is available for download so you just have to register as a Developer.

You don’t need to worry if you are not a developer,You just have to sign up with app Studio for free.this tool allows you to create apps that you can run on your own Windows Phone and now you have downloaded this amazing windows !


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