One Must Thing Before Getting PTCL Evo 3.1mpbs, Evo Wingle and Other Evo Devices

ptcl evo wingle poor qualityISLAMABAD – Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest internet service provider of the country with its brands Evo Wingle and other Evo devices are the leading ones.

But a problem is rising with these devices.

Some customers have complained regularly to the company that their devices are not working, Pakistan Tribe has learnt.

“The reason behind non-working of these devices is the ‘manufacturer’ of these devices,” sources told.

PTCL buys devices from ZTE and Huawei and the device’s quality is sharply different.

“I think Huawei is better. I have ZTE Nitro Cloud and have compared its speed with my friends Huawei, which seems better,” one of internet user said.

According to sources, PTCL prefers buying ZTE due to its cheaper rates and consumers have to pay the price.

“ZTE devices have a bad software with frequently connecting and disconnect problemm” he further said.

He advised PTCL Evo buyers to purchase and insist on devices from Hauwei and avoid taking ZTE poor quality devices.


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