Nintendo Top 5 Non-Canon Games To Play

atop 5 nintendo non-canon gamesWASHINGTON – Being a very old game developer, Nintedo has so many non-canon games, which never get realized for stories.Mario Bros, of course, the most amazing and fun thrilling of all. 

Here is list of top five of such games

5 – Tetris Attack  

The Americanize version of Panel de Pon, Tetris Attack is at number five. It added characters from Yoshi’s Island. Being a unique puzzle game, it is always a fan favourite game.

4 – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

It was sequel of famous Super Mario Land and the prequel to Wario Land, but with some different flavour.

Players play it much like other Mario games, but fans feel the difference without mentioning it. t this game had something different, I still don’t know. May be because of Wario introduction to the Mario series.

3 – Mario Paint 

This is for art lovers and even Photoshop wished to be like it. It came with a mouse and its pad for its direct plug into Super NES. Besides it had lot more to offer like animation studio, stamps, bug swatting mini game, colouring book etc.

2 – Super Smash Bros Brawl

This is just amazing and many fans bought Wii because of it. Having all the characters, it also gave platform to Sonic and Snake. The great music was so interlinked with the theme that fans loved it.

1 – Super Mario RPG 

Favourite of all is Super Mario RPG – Legend of The Seven Stars. The game, introduced in 1996 had a good story to play for.


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