Peaches Geldof dead: The reason why she used pseudonym on Facebook

Peaches Geldof dead: The reason why she used pseudonym on Facebook | PakistanTribeLONDON – Its now the fact that Peaches Geldof death is one of the most tragic incidents in the showbiz industry worldwide but still there are question with no answers.

Another question raised while the Facebook usage of Peaches Geldof discussed and that was, why she used pseudonym on the social networking site?

Though, Peaches Geldof appeared to share every intimate moment of her life on Twitter and Instagram but she stayed in touch with the people close to her on a secret Facebook profile.

According to the reports from British Media, While she was happy to tweet and proudly post pictures of her sons Astala and Phaedra for her fans, she used a pseudonym to communicate with husband Tom Cohen and her best friends on her Facebook profile.

She used the name Melody Nelson, believed to have been inspired by a song by French artist Serge Gainsbourg which – in a cruel twist of fate – talks about the death of a young girl.

The poignant lyrics of Ballade de Melody Nelson say: “She had love, poor Melody Nelson. Yeah, she had tons of it. But her days were numbered. Fourteen autumns and fifteen summers.”

Just like her Instagram postings, Peaches’ Facebook page is covered with photographs of her boys.

They include a picture of Phaedra peering over a room divider screen while a seemingly naked Peaches wraps her leg around it.

It perfectly sums up her life as both a devoted mother and attractive young woman.

Her childhood nanny Anita Debney – who cared for the devastated young Peaches when her parents split – appears to have been a constant support on Facebook, leaving touching messages, such as, ‘Sweetheart you are beautiful xxx’.

Peaches constantly reaffirms her love for her children, telling one pal who asks if she fancies a night out: “Dude, the only way you’ll see me out is if you come to Kent armed with clean nappies!!” And in a nod to her past life in New York where she partied hard, she tells a friend: “Adventures. dark times. fun.”

Another online picture shows husband Tom and Peaches posing together during a night out in matching female outfits.

They are both dressed in purple jackets with fur collars and leopard print skirts. Underneath, Peaches writes: “Oh My God.”


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