Windows XP: Do you want to know the Story Behind the ‘Most Viewed Image of the World’

Windows XP: Do you wanto to know the Story Behind the ‘Most Viewed Image of the World’ | PakistanTribeSAN FRANCISCO – As Microsoft’s support to Windows XP, is now a glorious past, the tech giant has released the short video explaining the history behind the iconic desktop image that has been viewed by more than 1 billion people around the globe since its inception, reported.

Windows XP, desktop image “Bliss” with its green rolling hills and blue sky is the most viewed picture of all times.

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The video features photographer Charles O’Rear explain the story behind the “wallpaper we’ll never forget,” noting that it’s a real, unaltered picture.

According to O’Rear, the photograph was snapped in California’s Napa Valley using a Mamiya RZ67 camera, color Fuji Film and a tripod.

“There was nothing unusual. I used a film that had more brilliant colors, the Fuji Film at that time, and the lenses of the RZ67 were just remarkable. The size of the camera and film together made the difference and I think helped the Bliss photograph stand out even more. I think if I had shot it with 35 millimeter, it would not have nearly the same effect” O’Rear said.

O’Rear visits the original site, talks about the dangerous, winding roads in the area, and discusses the process he went through to sell Microsoft the photo. Even then, before anyone in the public had ever seen it, Microsoft valued it so highly that O’Rear couldn’t find a courier service willing to take the liability of transporting it. Eventually Microsoft paid for a plane ticket so he could carry the photo himself to their offices.


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