The Last of Us Remastered to boost PS4 sales

the last of us remastered release date and priceNEW YORK – As the time is coming, excitement is going up within PlayStation 4 (PS4) ranks, working day and night for The Last of Us Remastered version, predictions have been there claiming to boost sales of the gaming consoles.

Being the winner of above 200 Game of The Year awards, the game’s video teaser has been released recently showing the upcoming games and some of the changes Sony is working upon.

“I am expecting to see a boost in sales,” a source privy to the matter told.

“I expect – though chances are for slight variation – about 500K daily sales,” he said.

The price of the game has already been set at $ 60, which gaming fans see as ‘no problem.’

The source went onto saying “Doesn’t matter what the price is. This is the highest awarded game ever, and it’ll look a whole lot better and run smoother.”

last of us remastered for ps4

Sony’s PS4 team, in a recent blog, said that the users will experience the game in ‘glorious’ 1080p.

According to a rough estimate, over 6 million units of the last version of the game have been sold so far. The game’s remastered version will be released in summer of 2014.


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