Obama on birth certificate: Creative way of communication

Obama on birth certificate: Creative way of communication | PakistanTribeWASHINGTON – You are holding a public office or want to do so? Communication isn’t an easy task in any situation. U.S. President Barak Obama shows a creative way to communicate difficult things in an easy way.

While making a point about voter ID laws at the National Action Network convention, President Obama cracked himself up, joking about his birth certificate.

Obama says in a very emotional part of his speech that see your citizen who’ve been voting for decade.

He also revealed that “among 60% of American have no passport” also criticized the situation as said “just because you don’t have money to travel abroad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to vote here at home.”

“You remember that, that was so crazy, that was crazy stuff” Obama said while discussing his Birth Certificate fiasco popped-up during his presidential run.

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