Online shopping trend: An interesting analysis

Online shopping trend: An interesting analysis | PakistanTribeThe Online shopping trend is on the rise and is quickly being more practiced among people. People are now adopting online shopping to avoid traffic jams, CNG crisis or security concerns in the city. Online shopping does offer more as you can shop at your convenience at home or office since life has become so robotically busy.

Studies reveal that more online businesses have emerged into the market place with new entrants entering the market dynamics with their digital campaigns and online strategies on social media networking websites like Fcebook or Twitter.

The online shopping industry has done much more by bringing apparel wear, smart phones, tablet PCs, lifestyle accessories, home and kitchen appliances catalog on the websites as per the convenience or customers where they can browse through the entire product catalog and choose what they want to purchase and order it online by a simple click and get it easily delivered at their doorstep.

However Pakistan still has to do much more to compare with the standards of Western countries. But compared with the previous dynamics and the current scenario, it is a industry that is growing rapidly and would soon compare with the likes of ebay.

Through the use of internet and social media, more customers are adopting online shopping trends. The existence of so many online shopping websites and portals, people are unaware of the reliable and trust worthy e-commerce websites to shop from.

But one thing is for sure, online shopping does offer more conventional shopping as compared with going to a physical outlet as people can buy anytime when they want to with the convenience of paying cash on delivery where credit cash transactions online is limited because of security and hacking concerns.

With a few major players in the industry like Daraz, Kaymu, homeshopping and symbios, the best one that I have found is not only offers easy and convenient shopping but explains about each product’s specification with their excellent customer service and replacement warranty if a particular product doesn’t satisfy.

With some of the online shopping players being restricted to only a few categories like apparel wear, offers distinctive categories where you can find almost anything. I ordered a few times from kaymu and found their service to be inadequate as the customer representative was aggressive and delayed my query for quite some time. Afterwards I decided never to buy from there.

When I selected for my online shopping, not only they guided me through the process but also highlighted each and every option that I should avail in order to get the best product. The prices were a bit high but it was worth it.

Online Shopping retailers have to be more customer oriented rather being business oriented. Most online shopping retailers are only concerned about selling the product rather than satisfying the customer. I do hope that Pakistan can also come up with the standards of ebay and amazon to offer superior customer services especially in a country where security is always an issue to counter.

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