Preserving honor: Man cuts throats of daughters, wife with a knife


WEB DESK – One man in Punjab’s town of Gujranwal has cut the throats of his wife and two teenage daughters with knife allegedly for having doubt on their character.

Local police claimed that man initially tried to mislead the investigation in wrong direction by telling a self made story of robbery in his house. However, later police received credible indication that he himself was involved in the barbaric act.

Man was said to have doubts on characters of his wife and two teenage daughters.

All three victims of the patriarchal violence were shifted to hospital. Doctors said that all three of the victims were out of danger but received deep wounds on throats.

Police has arrested the man. Further investigation and preparation of charge sheet was underway.

The names and details of the family members were kept anonymous on purpose to secure the honor and identity of the victims. PakistanTribe urges other media outlets to do the same.

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