Facebook is About To Kill The Direct Messaging Feature



Facebook designed the Messaging app in order to help those who want to stay connected all the time and Facebook was successful in doing so as Users get 20 times faster reply as compared to Messenger.

The company made the app faster, mobile focused, and easier to contact friends and important contacts.

But now,Facebook Mixes up Mobile Messaging and killing the feature that lets users send messages directly within its mobile app. Instead, they must go to its dedicated Messenger app.

In some European countries, Facebook has started to notify users that they will not be able to send messages via the main Facebook app,
Rather,they will have to download Messenger and this will be going to happen in next few weeks.

The reason for doing so is most likely is to increase mobile advertising revenue or to catch the users attention.

Those who already have Messenger installed cannot exchange messages in the Facebook app; instead, tapping the messages tab takes them to Messenger.

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