Sonos signs A Partnership With Google’s Play Music



Everyone is  fan of Sonos’ smart, wireless home audio equipment,And now Sonos announces a great news for all his fans by swinging into Google’s Play Ground .

Sonos is a consumer electronics company,now a days greatly popular for its Wireless HiFi System allows for the streaming of internet sourced audio and files stored on the local network to any Sonos device within range. To retrieve internet audio, one Sonos device must be connected via hard connection to the local router.

Betting its future on software, For a long time, owners of Sonos hardware have been disgruntled with the inability to access their music collection from Google’s Play Music service.

To over come this problem,Sonos started with Google Play Music,so that  users of the Google Play Music app for Android now can stream music to their Sonos speakers directly from the app itself.

Now, with support for Google Play Music, you can send your Google Play playlist directly to any Sonos speaker  & it doesn’t stream the music through your phone or tablet, so you don’t have to worry about WiFi dropouts or having your music interrupted by system sounds or an incoming phone call,
It’s very similar to Apple’s AirPlay, but for Android devices instead.”


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