Skype Brings Some Major Changes To Xbox One and Kinect Users

skype features for xbox one WASHINGTON – Listening carefully to its users, Skype has been moving to Xbox One users to another level this time.

Skype is going to roll out its updated version for Xbox One lovers with title of 1.3 bringing some crucial changes to experience the app with the gaming console.

But, the major thing, of using Skype while playing a game, is still missing.

However some interesting changes are as follow:

As Skype picture is important for many users, so Kinect and Xbox One will now be used to snap yourself to set the profile photo like this one:

skype for xbox one features

Another new feature is zooming in and out your photo while talking with someone. According to Skype people, they have worked closely with Kinect and Xbox One team to bring the best possible photo and streaming to whom is being called.

Besides, a slew of bugs have been fixed for the app and the gaming console.


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