Outlawed Taliban militants killed at least 30 of their own kind


WEB DESK – As many as 30 outlawed militants of at least two different fractions of Taliban were reported dead during last week in the result of intra-group armed fight in South Waziristan.

According to the information provided by correspondents the fight between Hakeemullah and Mahsud groups of outlawed militant was the reason behind recent deaths.

However, the correspondent stressed that mother group i.e. outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) remained silent on intra-group fight.

The clash started between the two militant factions a few days ago and the cause of infighting was said to be over interference in matters inside one another’s domains.

The fighters from both sides have been launching attacks in the areas of Shawal, Shaktoi, Makin and Tank with heavy ammunition and artillery in an attempt to destroy one another’s sanctuaries.

PakistanTribe reported on April 7 that as many as 7.500 internally displaced persons of Mahsud tribe had started moving back to their homes in Kurram Agency of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Its worth mentioning here that for the first time since its formation, outlawed TTP is headed by a non-Mahsud Mullah Fazlullah of Sawat.

Earlier,  one outlawed Taliban commander of prime importance ‘Ismatullah Shaheen’ – who was in contact of famous anchorperson Hamid Mir of Geo Television Network – was killed in an ambush believed to be setup by his rival group.

“Ismatullah Shaheen was preparing the list of non-combatant prisoners, mainly children and women. He shared the information with me upon which I asked that how would be ever prove that these women and children are in the custody of Pakistan security forces? Replying to my question, he (Ismatullah) said that in real these people are in custody of some private people who are keeping them in private jails of Sawat,” Hamid Mir said while speaking in a talkshow.

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