Politics in U.S.: Sex scandals are on the rise

Politics in U.S. Sex scandals are on the rise | PakistanTribeWASHINGTON – Political scandal isn’t considered good anywhere in the world but in the United States the issue is more harmful for Republican politicians, PakistanTribe.com reported.

According to the data collected from different sources within United States and abroad, the sex scandals are on the rise in the country.

Republican congressman Vance McAllister from Louisiana isn’t the only American politician who caught while doing something unusual but there are more including congressman, senators and presidents.

Data shows that there are above 16 scandals of U.S. politicians after 2000.

These scandals are include adultery and the Republicans are topping the list as compare to Democrats who get involved 4 times only.

Republican sex scandals have also been more likely to involve adultery than Democratic ones: 86 percent of the GOP scandals involved an elected official cheating on his wife, compared to only 65 percent of Democratic scandals. The remaining scandals all dealt with other types of sexual indiscretion.

But the worst thing about Democrats is they bring Adultery and other type of sexual incidents to the workplace.

Data shows that 53 percent of Democratic scandals involved some sort of workplace harassment or dalliance, compared to 27 percent among Republicans.

Sex scandal in U.S. isn’t only raised question but become more dangerous in terms of reelection.

Washington Post has reported earlier that since 1974, 37 House and Senate members and one president have come under scrutiny for sexual harassment, extramarital affairs and other sex-related allegations. Thirty-eight percent kept their jobs.

“Democrats have been twice as likely to win their next re-election contest as Republicans, 53 to 25 percent,” according to Clement’s analysis.

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