Everything possible in China, not believe here is a example



Beijing : In mid air flight, finding that your plane is out of fuel would be enough to make experienced pilots panic, but one amateur pilot in China has a unique solution .

Yes, it seems that in China everything is possible, may be you don’t believe but in China’s southwestern province Sichuan a cleaver pilot found during flight that he is out of fuel. He, then, landed plane to a nearby petrol station and directed staff to fill the tank .

This aircraft, which appeared to be home-made, taxied into the petrol station alongside other cars that were waiting to be filled up.

With the help of petrol station staff the pilot managed to pull one of the pump nozzles far enough to each of the fuel cap on the wing of the plane and after that he flew away.

Chinese police has launched a manhunt for the pilot , which they believe was a foreigner.

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