10 Amazing Places to Visit Before They Disappear



New York : The world is full of colorful and most beautiful landscapes, but climate change threatens many amazing natural wonders.

U.S. magazine Time has compiled a list of 10 global endangered places that could disappear in next few decades.

Great Barriers Reef , Australia


The largest coral reefs in the world , which cover 133,000 square miles, have long been a center of tourist attraction , but that location now is facing challenges because of the mounting climate change besides sea temperature and pollution rising endangering the natural wonder in the next 100 years.

Venice, Italy


The Italian city is considered as the most romantic spot in the world, thanks to its unique maritime canals. But the rise in sea levels has caused the city to flood each year which could leave Venice uninhabitable by this century’s end.

Dead Sea


The historic see is also in danger as during the last 40 years one third of the surface area has been reduced . Experts believe that during the next 50 years that sea will disappear completely.

Glacier National Park , Montana

Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Once home to more than 150 glaciers, the Montana National Park has now fewer than 25. Rapid climate change could shrink glacier number to zero by 2030.


Travel Destination: Maldive Islands

This beautiful island nation will submerge into the sea during the next hundred years . This threat is so serious that the government’s buying land in other countries to settle its displaced citizens there .


tropical paradise, North Island, Seychelles

Considered as marine paradise islands’ country, Seychelles islands are in danger due to beach erosion. Some experts believe that in 50 to 100 years, the entire country  could be submerged.

The Alps


One of the most popular spot for skiing in the world is also in danger and the impacts of climate change can be felt. Each year 30% of glacier ice melt, and fear arises that it will melt entirely by 2050.

Magdalen Island , Canada


The sandy beaches and mountainous island are the gateway spot in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. But the sea coast currently erodes up to 40 inches a year. Experts consider that in the next 75 years ice will completely be melt and sea levels be up, making the area vulnerable to destructive storms.

Alaska, United States


Climate change has also begun melting of Alaska’s icy areas, which will hurt not only the infrastructure but will also cause dramatic changes to ecosystems across the United States.

Athabasca Glacier, Canada

Athabasca Glacier, Columbia Icefield

The most visited glacier in North America and the most favorite tourist glacier stretches 2.3 square miles, but experts believe the glacier is now shrinking at its fastest rate yet and is currently losing anywhere between 6.6 to 9.8 feet a year.


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