Indian conjoined twins able to do everything without any help



New Delhi : These conjoined twins from an Indian village are known as a living proof of the power of God .

They are 12 years old Shiv Nath and Shiv Ram, who were born conjoined at the waist and they are determined to stay together .

The pair who born in a small village near Raipur, central India, share two legs and four hands, as well as share same stomach , but have independent lungs , hearts and brains.

This unique pair with all their courage and practice, learned to do all daily chores, like bathing, eating, getting dress and combing each other hairs, even with four hands and two legs are easily climb stairs and walk in the earth .

Shiv Ram said “that we have learned everything ourselves, now go to school in bicycle to or play cricket not be a problem .

Shiv Nath and Shiv Ram are also very good student in school and their parents feel proud of them .


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