6 years old Afghan girl makes headlines in the U.S.

6 years old Afghan girl makes headline in the U.S. | PakistanTribeNEW YORK – Marriage of 6 years old Afghan girl, Naghma makes headlines in the United States, PakistanTribe.com reported.

Afghan girl with dark blue scarf on her head clothed brown has a ring on her tiny finger becomes talk of the town just days after the Afghan presidential election.

“Naghma, Resident of a UN’s refugee camp in outskirts of Kabul has witnessed far too much after her marriage with the 19 years old boy” Anna Coren reported.

Her family escaped from a fighting in Helmand province.

After the illness of her wife in last winter, Taj Muhammad, father of 6 years old Afghan girl borrowed U.S. $ 2500 for the treatment of her wife.

After failing to pay the debt Taj Muhammad married his 6 years old daughter to the son of moneylender.

“It was a difficult decision” said Taj Muhammad while discussing her daughter’s marriage.

Taj Muhammad is among those Afghans who facing critical situation after more than 12 years stay of American and International forces in war torn country.

Taj Muhammad contacted U.S. lawyer Kimberley Motley, who was in Afghanistan for the past 5 years to help victimized Afghan women.

6 years Afghan girl gets independence after the involvement of local elders assembly (JIRGA). The decision was the result of American attorney’s efforts.

“Naghma’s father is used to be a musician told the journalists that when I couldn’t pay my debt I felt I’ve been thrown in the fire and then someone rescued me and that was Kim, she is been so kind to me and I’ll do whatever she asks me” said Taj Muhammad.

American Journalist Anna Coren on 6 years old Afghan Girl Marriage | PakistanTribeAnna Coren, American journalist working with CNN from Kabul, believes that the International presence in Afghanistan has somewhat changed the tradition of child marriage.

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