6 Habits That Cause Belly Fat



New York : Belly fat not happen because of food intake but actually your habits are responsible for increasing body weight. Check out these seven habits that can cause belly fat.

1. Drinking cold drinks regularly

Do you use a 1 or 2 cans regularly and feel cannot live without it? If so, you know that obesity is not far. According to researchers, consuming one or two cans of soda daily causes your waistline to increase at least five times faster than those who barely drink soda in the course of a week.

2. Use a large plate

At lunch or dinner plate size has many meanings. According to a study, people who prefer larger plates eat too much, and it is more than physical needs. The result is that it leads to more fat stored in your body.

3. Eating late at night

If you have filled your stomach before bedtime, digestion cannot work properly, which causes the waste line to expand.

4. Eating when Sad, Angry or Upset

During the intense emotional state of mind, thinking about food is not a good idea. Because it causes an increase in the belly fat.

5. Use low- fat foods often

Most people think that the high fat food can cause or enhance the waist line, but the reality is that fat is not bad for you, in fact low-fat diet can cause obesity , because these type foods made with too much sugar , the more sugar you have in the body, the greater your chances of storing more body fat.

6. Lack of sleep

Adults needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night , and if you become a victim of lack of sleep, your level of cortisol (stress hormone) increases, which increases the desire for sweet things. So your lack of sleep actually causes obesity.


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