Trap for Shahid Afridi Ready

afridiLAHORE – After expressing his heart out before media, Shahid Afridi is likely to be trapped senior officials of Pakistan Cricket Board.Afridi, just after reaching the country, had shown his displeasure over the bad performance of batsmen of the team in the crucial match against West Indies. 

But the managing committee had taken notice of his emotions alleging that he had expressed desire for captaincy.

Afridi, though not open, was ready to take up any challenge given to him.

Earlier, PCB chairman Najam Sethi defended Boom Boom’s words, but yesterday, a notice was served to the mega star over his statement.

“Everyone knows that I talk to media openly on every occasion and I never ran after captaincy,” he responded sharply.

Muhammad Hafeez left the T20 captaincy after the defeat and the pressure, which was also criticised by former players who think that whole team was responsible for the defeat.

But question, experts say, is Afridi could be trapped by PCB committee members who didn’t like at all Afridi expressing emotions openly.

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