BNN boys vows to go to court to sue Geo over their ‘illegal abduction’

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WEB DESK – The former employees of Geo Television Network and famous satire artists, Faysal Chaudhry and Mustafa Chaudhry, still facing hardships to get their grievances settled against their former employer and vowed to move court if Karachi police failed to register their case.

Faysal Chaudhry told PakistanTribe that all evidences to prove their illegal abduction were gathered and presented to the police officers.

“We will move to court if the police officials deny us the right to register the FIR against Geo TV Network’s boss Mir Ibrahimur Rehamn, Mobeen Gabool alias Matkoo and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Pir Mohammad,” Faysal told the PakistanTribe.

He also maintained that they have very strong evidence in the form of Close Circuit (CCTV) Footage from the cameras installed at their residence which clearly contradict with the timings of FIR registered against them.

“How can you arrest someone hours before the registration of an FIR? Even if the FIR was registered against us then why policemen kept moving us to other places before finally landing us in the concern police station? The whole story presented by our former colleague is based on lies,” Faysal added.

Talking about his abduction he said we were taken by the police in front of younger and elders of our family. He recalled that initially they were taken into a police check post of Dalmian – an area famous of target killing incidents in Karachi – where they shot gun shots putting weapons near to their ears.

When asked, Faysal said “I know it was Dalmian check post because the security men appointed their were talking something about it. I picked what they were saying. They could have killed us because who in right senses fire gunshots as near to the ears as they did?”

When asked what was the role of Geo TV network and its crime reporter Afzal Nadeem Dogar in all this, Faysal explained “Over times our team developed editorial differences with Geo’s management. They wanted to take us a certain line on few issues. We did a satire on former ISI chief but that was entirely our own decision. Geo wanted us to prolong that satire. We refused to become the party in it as they were clearly trying to settle some scores with the ‘boss’. The Director of Programming Muaaz Ghamidi used to give us such instructions. Eventually, the Geo management created rifts in our team. They offered higher salaries and perks to other team members. Eventually we left the programme. So now they are only trying to settle the score with us.”

When asked about the allegations leveled against them by Matkoo, Faysal said “Fake Medico-Legal reports, FIR in back dates and a lot of more methods to settle old enmity are very common methods here.”

He said that Karachi police had accepted an initial application to register an FIR against Geo TV Network’s higher ups and SSP Pir Mohammad. “We are waiting to record our statements in front of Investigation Officer (IO) along with all evidence. After that, if they deny registering our case, we will move the court of law.”

Earlier, Anas Malik described the events of Faysal and Mustafa’s abduction on PakistanTribe‘s blog. Later on, Mobeen Gabol aka Matkoo claimed that Ch Brothers tortured him on March 23, after which he lodged the FIR against both former colleagues.

PakistanTribe also reported that former BNN team members were avenged for not supporting and promoting Aman ki Asha initiative by Geo TV Network.

Muaaz Ghamidi and Afzal Nadeem Dogar did not respond to the request of brief comments. However, whenever they would agree for it, viewers could get their views on the issue. Meanwhile, Afzal Nadeem Dogars’ tweet says:

PakistanTribe reports objectively on issues of concern. If someone wants to rebut any of our content, we would merrily provide the space to her/his worthy opinion on our website.

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