World most favorite number is?



LONDON :¬†Numbers have importance in everyone’s life and the world most favorite number is 7 .

This interesting discovery but well known fact claim in a new online survey .

UK based survey took opinions from more than 44,000 people to declare the world’s most popular number 7.

In survey number ‘3’ was able to get second and 8 get the third positions, while 4 and 5 were also able to get place in the top five .

The survey noted that 7 number was popular because it was considered a symbol of good fortune, the number of the heavens and its historical use.

For example, 7 wonders , 7 days a week , and the 7 basic music note etc.

In number spot, number 3 is also famous around the world due to various reasons, such as the three stages of life , birth , marriage and death.

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