Apocalypse or Judgement Day coming? at least Christians believed


New York : Sun, Earth and Mars are going to be standing in a row tonight , a rare celestial sight comes into view once in 778 days.

But this time it is special because that it’s exactly a week later when earth will see the first of FOUR dark red ‘blood moons’, an extraordinary event some Christians believe represents the End of Days and the second coming of Christ.

According to NASA, a highly unusual ‘Tetrad’ – four successive total ‘blood-red’ lunar eclipses each followed by six full moons – will, indeed, start a week today and finish on September 28 next year.

Christian community believes that it is the beginning of end and the sign of Jesus return.

The King James Bible predicts: “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD comes,” [Joel 2:31].

In the last 500 years stretch, 4 red moons appearance is only 3 times.

First it started in 1493 and Christians occupied Spain and Jews had to get out , and then the second time it happened in 1949 , after thousands of years of Jewish occupied Palestine and established Israel.

The third time it came to the scene in 1967 , and the 6 -day Arab-Israeli war resulted in victory of the latter one.

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