Americans cannot locate Ukraine yet support military intervention there

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WEB DESK – According to a survey conducted by three Ivy League professors, only 16 percent of the American could identify the Ukraine on the map, however, they support the military intervention in Ukraine wihtout any doubts.

A newly published poll, conducted by three Ivy League professors, revealed that only one out of six Americans surveyed could pinpoint where Ukraine actually is on a world map. The survey also showed an interesting yet worrying correlation in answers. The researchers found that the further a person thought Ukraine is from its actual geographical location, the more likely he or she was to support military intervention in a sovereign state.

In their study, conducted between March 28-31, Kyle Dropp of Dartmouth College, Joshua D. Kertzer of Harvard University, and Thomas Zeitzoff of Princeton asked 2,066 Americans where Ukraine was on a map and how they think Washington should respond to the crisis there.

The survey was conducted to “see where Americans think Ukraine is and to learn if this knowledge (or lack thereof) is related to their foreign policy views,” the authors explained in a Washington Post blog.

The results, combined in a heat map representing where respondents thought Ukraine was, show that only 16 percent of Americans correctly identified Ukraine on a map, with the median respondent being about 1,800 miles off. Some people thought Ukraine could be located as far south as Argentina or Australia, or as north as Finland.

US has already put sanctions on Russian government officials after their alleged ‘illegal intervention’ in the Ukraine. Responding to which, Russian lawmakers proposed a bill in the parliament to ask oil and gas exporters not to use US dollars for international trading.

Crimea, previously the part of Ukraine, decided to join Russian federation after holding a landmark referendum.

However, US took it against the ‘free will’ of its European Allies and started sanctioning Russia. The sanctions varied from banning the participation of Russia to attend the meetings of G-8 countries to US space agency NASA cutting all ties with Russian space agency.


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