PTCL 2 Hidden Things About Evo Wingle You Should Know

evo wingle hidden chargesISLAMABAD – Although Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) claim unlimited download for Evo Wingle’s offer for a certain package, but unlimited download might not be the right word.Evo Wingle unlimited package gives about 75 GB data, after which it will charges you extra, PT has learnt. 

“PTCL has set 75 GB as the unlimited package data limit and has not increased it yet,” it is further learnt.

If you use further data you will face two punishments: slower speed up to 256 kbps and additional charges of Rs. 0.2 / mb.

But how would you know that your limit is coming? Stay tune with PT to know the procedure of exact downloaded data amount.


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