BNN boys refused to promote Aman ki Asha hence tortured, avenged

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WEB DESK – A new twist in the story of comedians’ scuffle revealed by a source that actual disagreement between tortured Chaudhry Brothers and Geo TV was over the promotion of Aman ki Asha programme.

According to a source privy and also the famous TV anchor Mubasher Lucman, Faysal Chaudhry and Mustafa Chaydhry refused to promote the Aman ki Asha programme upon which they were sidelined from famous satire show Banana News Network (BNN) and later abducted, manhandled and tortured by using police links.

Lucman tweeted:

PakistanTribe learn that due the Kashmiri background, Faysal Chaudhry, Mustafa Chaudhry and Murtaza Chaudhry were not in the favor of Aman ki Asha programme. They used to ridicule the initiative taken by Geo TV Network to defuse tension between the Pakistan and India. This lead to the disagreement within BNN team when the trio refused to comprehend and comply by the instructions.

Faysal Chaudhry and Mustafa Chaudhry were taken in by the Karachi police on the morning of April 5. The whole eyewitness account of the evens could be read clicking here as described by Anas Mallick.

However, another version of the story was provided by the Mobeen Gabol aka Matkoo. According to Matkoo the two Chaudhries tortured him on March 23 after which he finally lodged the FIR against them. Matkoo believed that his FIR was the actual reason Chaudhry brothers were taken in by the police.


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