8 Simple and Small Things For Your Happiness Filled Life



New York : Without happiness life become dark and passionless,  but some small changes in your life style can change your mode. Here it’s some useful tips for you.

1. Laugh or smile

When we smile, our face muscles send a signal to brain, and our mood becomes much better. A simple smile can immediately takes us out of the stress .

2. Schedule to something fun

Imagining something good also improves our mood, so try to schedule some good things like outing and dinner in a restaurant or something like that, which also brings happiness in life .

3. Express gratitude

There is a connection between gratitude and joy, so try to write down you daily happy life moment and try to write daily. Once a week practicing this will result in the most positive results .

4. Be kind to someone

A few small and simple act of kindness for other people increase a sense of happiness and joy. Just try to focus one person like your parents or someone special and try to think about how you could make them happy, and the result is surprising for you.

5. Walk out

When you exercise, chemicals are released in the brain that causes increase pleasure, so the daily 15 to 20 minute walk outside is a very easy trick you become happy.

6. Healthy food

Hungry people can never be happy, just a pleasant treat improve your mood. So you can imagine how healthy diet is important for your body and soul freshness and happiness.

7. Habits

Your favorite habits, such as reading, writing or cooking, etc. are helpful to increase the feeling of happiness and you feel in the skies .

8. Call to friends

Social contacts are a main contributor to happiness, so just calling your friend is an effective way to bring happiness in life.

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