6 Golden Tips To Keep Your iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, Sony and Other Smartphones Safe

Tips for protecting your smartphone and dataWASHINGTON – As your usage of smartphones goes up, digital clutter or extra data piles up on your smartphone, which makes your phone an easy target to viruses and hacker. 

By following these six tips you could get rid of all the extra digital data, putting your smartphone on risk, on your phone.

1. Updating Your System

The key of it is to never allow downloading from unknown or unauthorized sources. The second thing thing is to never put your smartphone on auto WiFi connecting mood, rather put it on manual mood. Third thing is always keep your phone on encrypted mood.

2. Change Your Passwords

This is simple and the most neglected part. Hackers lover to crack into your passwords, which are easy and familiar. Keep refreshing your passwords on your phones, tablets, laptops and all the accounts have logged in to view various apps and accounts.

This is especially true if they contain any important personal and financial details.

3. Review App Permission 

If one of your free app is asking for access to financial details, then something wrong has done.

Always do two things before downloading apps: read the reviews and check permissions for the click.

Another good practice is to apply double check to view what apps are collecting and remove all the clever apps.

4. Uninstall Forgotten Apps

In maximum, we usually use 10 or so apps and rest of the downloaded are unused mostly. It is the time to uninstall all such unused or forgotten apps.

5. Backup Contacts and Photos

It is the most common mistakes. We never backup our contacts and photos, and one day, I happened with me, we lost our data due to lost mobile and malfunctioned smartphone. Various option are there to backup your data, like iCloud on iPhones, or Android has its own options.

6. Be Proactive 

Pro-activeness is a great way to protect your smartphone. Downloading some security apps could do the best.

Idea Courtesy: Spring Cleaning of Your Smartphone  


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