Matkoo’s FIR sent BNN boys in police station as they allegedly tortured him

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WEB DESK – Mubeen Gabol aka Matkoo of Banana News Network was allegedly tortured and sent to hospital by Fysal Chaudhry and Mustafa Chaudhry which persuaded him to lodge a police against them – strong reason behind the previously reported ‘abduction’ of Chaudhry Brothers.

Matkoo tweeted the copy of an FIR which he filed in police station stating that ‘Chaudhry brothers threatened to kill him’.

He tweeted:

However, previously most of the social media and new-media outlets only knew about the one version of story according to which the famous comedians and kings of satire – as called by their followers – were abducted by Karachi police on behest of Afzal Ali Dogar, the crime reporter of Geo TV.

Matkoo also said that he and his family were being threatened continuously by the former colleagues.

Matkoo also claimed that due to threats, his mother advised him to leave the Geo TV. “My mother told me to leave Geo because of threat yet I continued and thought it’s just a normal reaction from them after they were off aired,” he added.

The intensity of threats, according to Matkoo, went as high as:

After threats, Matkoo was finally beaten up on March 23 as he described himself:

Matkoo was told that next time he will be killed and made it look like a target killing. “I got my shoulder dislocated, I was harrased with the naked gun and was told next time you’ll Killed and ppl wud think it’s target killing (sic),” he said in a tweet.

After the assault, Matkoo went to three different hospitals. He said:

He also provided his medico-legal report in a tweet:

Telling about his decision to contact police, he said “On 24th I decided to go to police station and got my ML report with myself that day, I submitted it to police. Everyday I got to the Thaana and inquired if police has asked them to not to threaten me or if I cud get police protection. On 25th March I shifted my family immediately cuz I was worried anything cud happen to them as I was helpless, from everyside. Police didn’t even bother calling them in PS, I wandered every where trying to get some help from somewhere as I feared I will be killed. I was so much frustrated and hurt physically emotionally and mentally that yesterday I decided to go to thana and launch a F.I.R.” (sic)

Tweeting the image of the FIR, Matkoo said:

“FACT is that police detention of Mustafa and Faisal were not illegal, they were picked by police after FIR was registered against them,” he added.


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