Apple vs Facebook fight on Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans

facebook-vs-appleWASHINGTON – It seems that the fight has become even bigger from just games – its fight of Facebook and Apple themselves now. 

As most of Facebook users have heard about Candy Crush Saga, developed by It has been been a top grossing app on iTune since March 2013 besides topping on Facebook.

But the game is changing. Facebook’s darling game has been left behind Clash of Clans by Supercell, which is now the top-grossing app on iOS since Feb 2014.

This is also evident from their revenue: Clash of Clans earned over $ 7 million while Candy Crush Saga earned near 6.1 million. .

Both have many feature identical. Like both are free, as both offer in-app purchase to get the revenue.

The difference is the platform both have been using. Clash of Clans is uses Apple Game Centre for sharing while Candy Crush Saga is using Facebook as the platform, giving it an edge to connect, share and network to a wider audience.



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