I’m from Geo and that gives me the license to Carry out Illegal raids

I'm from Geo and that gives me the license to Carry out Illegal raids | PakistanTribeOn the morning of April 5th at around 6:00 am, the Karachi police raided the house of Mustafa Chaudhry & Faysal Chaudhry, who are famous TV anchors & journalists.

This atrocious act was spearheaded by 35 policemen who were sent by SSP Pir Muhammad Shah under influence of Afzal Nadeem Dogar (a crime reporter at Geo News).

The police initiated this shameless act by brutally kicking the door of their house early morning. Both the celebrities were man-handled by Police who slapped and dragged them in front of their parents and took both to an unknown place.

Police covered their faces, told them to recite Kalma and shot bullets besides their temples to scare hell out of them. Mustafa and Faysal, who are known for their intellectual humor and distributing smiles throughout Pakistan, were treated cruelly with scant regard to norms of civilization.

Upon seeing their children being brutally handled just at the dawn stroked, the parents of Faysal and Mustafa went looking for them to the area’s respective Police station which was the Gulistan e Johar police station where after an agonizing wait of 4 hours they were told that both of the undisputed kings of satire were in the custody of Aziz Bhatti police station.

When the family elders got to the Aziz Bhatti police station, there they had been made to wait for another 2 hours after which both, Faysal and Mustafa were presented before their parents with their hands in the police cuffs, upon inquiring about the crime they had committed, the Policemen at Aziz Bhatti police station failed to give any satisfactory statement and also failed to produce any legit legal document which would support the act of Police that was carried hours back.

What’s must to be mentioned is that both, Faysal and Mustafa Chaudhry along with their eldest brother Murtaza Chaudhry had resigned from GEO TV Network some months back over differences with the management and just days later Express Media group showed interest in hiring the Satire Kings for their media firm and eventually did end up hiring them.

Coming back, around 2PM, Police were forced to release Faysal and Mustafa due to lack of evidence leading to their illegal custody upon interference and constant pressure from friends, family and their current employers.

The trio of the multi talented Murtaza, Mustafa and Faysal Chaudhary have given life to the word comedy when it comes to Pakistani media, The very talented youngsters kicked off with their career with launching the First Satirical Comedy News Show in Pakistan on AAJTV which later went to become Banana News Network(BNN) on Geo TV Network.

After thorough investigations, it was confirmed that the raid was carried out on the behest of Afzal Nadeem Dogar, a Geo Journalist – Question here arises is that why is the media house playing dirty even when the 3 had very respectfully parted ways with the media giant over certain disagreements.


Question also arises is that being the reporter of a leading media house gives one the license to carry out raids, misbehave with their family members, torture them, take their mobile phones away – all this and much more just because I’m a Geo Journalist, must to mention is that one will get an extra 35 men in plain clothes support to guard them.

Fact is that no voice can be pressed down with such cowardly and below the belt acts and if Geo or any individual thinks they succeed in doing so, well all I can say is grow up mate look around and be realistic this is the 21st century in which we’re living in.

To me the 2 who were tortured infact the trio is a Hero for they have revamped the term family comedy by producing quality shows such as 4man show and BNN, my family or any other family could watch these shows without parents being worried that their kids would be learning foul language through the shows content.

Its now the states responsibility to act and protect and ensure justice is done with Faysal and Mustafa Chaudhary, my hands go up and I being a citizen can only pray that they stay safe unlike the state which has the authority to take action for they are no less than Heroes.

The views expressed here are author’s personal opinion and do not reflect the editorial stance of PakistanTribe (PT) by any mean.

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