What does your favorite ice cream topping say about your personality?

What does your favorite ice cream topping say about your personality? | PakistanTribeNEW YORK – Believe it or not, what you order on top of your ice cream says a lot about who you are as a person.  So what do your favorite toppings reveal about you? Read below and enjoy to share it with your friends and love one.

Chocolate sprinkles

You’re a traditionalist. You like things the way you like them and it’s your philosophy that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. You like things neat and in order and aren’t a big fan of messes… especially when you have to clean up after somebody else.

Rainbow sprinkles
Your friends would describe you as super fun. After all, you’re the jokester out of the group. When you walk into the room, you light it up with your 24/7 happy mood.

Crumbled up Oreos
If you’re an Oreos person like Olivia Holt, then by nature, you’re super sweet and generous to other people. If a friend needed lunch money, you’d offer it up without question. If your brother needed your help with homework, you’d do your best. That’s just who you are.

You’re a half-cup-full kind of person. After all, what point is there in focusing on the negative? You see the good things in every situation and also, in every person. But you’re not naive. You can see people for who they really are.

Chopped up nuts
You’re a really hard worker but you work best under pressure. You constantly need change, which is why you’re always changing up your routine and switching around the furniture in your room.

Hot fudge
You’d rather stay home and read on the weekend, rather than going out to a social event and that’s completely OK with you. You’re very family oriented and would do anything for the people you care about. You’re not lazy, you’re just very comfortable.

Sour worm gummies
You are a total dare devil! Trying new things is your favorite adventure in life and you’ll keep doing it until you feel like you’ve accomplished everything there is to do.

Gummy bears
If you’re a gummy bears person then you’re totally the life of the party. You’re always cracking jokes with your friends and making them laugh. Not only that but you’re good at making friends with strangers, too. You’re super energetic and outgoing in all situations.

You’re a really awesome person to be around because you calm all of your friends down. When they’re stressed about a test or about a crush, you’re the one who brings them back down to Earth. You’re calm and relaxed and are able to put things into perspective.

Tell us in the comments what YOUR favorite topping is!

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