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Pakistan Idol generated controversy after rejecting Maria Meer

Paksistan Idol generated controversy after rejecting Maria Meer | PakistanTribe

ISLAMABAD – The recently launched singing competition Pakistan idol has generated controversy in their judging
process after they rejected a very talented young female singer from Faisalabad, Punjab named Maria Meer.

Right after rejection Maria has become a social media celebrity and many known critics have endorsed her as a good singer.

Famous Writer, Journalist and Intellectual Raza Ali Abidi has protested about the incident on facebook. In his comments he wrote that the treatment with this singer was not right and some other channel should so a special show with this singer.

Rejection of Maria Meer from Faisalabad from Pakistan Idol triggers controversy against program host and the channel | PakistanTribe

His idea gained popularity soon and now many people are talking about Maria on social media.

It should be noted that her voice did not impress the judges at all in the show.

One of the judges said that  ‘ I thought your voice is pretty but a little low’, while the other judge Ali Azmat said ‘ I can’t even hear you and you have zero confidence. And so the girl left the show in tears that made people share their views on social sites.

Now its time for some other TV channel to come forward and take this cause in the name of Pakistanis.

Pakistanis is considered technology hot-spot with its 140 million mobile subscribers and above 40 million Internet users where social media sites playing vital role to influence conventional media or to generate second opinion on the any issue.

Unfair Pakistan Idol judges say no to a… by Ali_Abrar

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Shahid Abbasi

Shahid Abbasi

Editor at PakistanTribe
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  1. λττιτυδε βσγ

    Please join her page to raise your voice against injustice: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maria-Meer/1376529962604681

  2. please correct the title spelling of Pakistan

  3. Stupid judges, stupid decision, plz someone tell judges Lata still has that teenage voice and she is being heard everywhere in the world. I know many locals here in UK who listen her just for the voice even they know nothing about Urdu or Hindi.
    With this attitude these judges can’t do anything but the killing of the talent..

  4. None of the three judges know how to sing. They are judging everyone differently.
    #unfair #judges.

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